Water Acivated Tapes


A significant volume of plastics used in packaging comes from carton sealing tapes. If the plastic tape is not removed from cartons when they are disposed of, another cost is added to the recycling process. The tape itself is not recyclable and goes straight to landfill.

Even when removed from cartons before recycling, the tape leaves behind adhesive residue that compromises the strength of the recycled cardboard and can damage to screening and filtering mechanisms at the recycling plant.

A simple and cost-effective solution is water-activated tape – kraft paper tape made from fully sustainable, managed softwood and a natural starch adhesive. It is entirely biodegradable and can be left on cartons sent for recycling, as the kraft paper is compatible with the cardboard for creating new, recycled materials and the adhesive simply dissolves in the water used in the process, leaving behind no residue that will damage equipment or threaten the environment.

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