The 1st Carbon Neutral Air Cushion


SCS Packaging are excited to offer the 1st carbon neutral air cushion void fill film from Pacplan®

Climate and cost-neutral protective packaging made from post consumer plastics with 100% of production C02 footprint offset against ecological projects in the Brazilian Rain Forest.

With Pacplan® Carbon Neutral Air Cushions, you can achieve 100% climate neutral transport protection for the safe shipping of your valuable goods.

Pacplan® Carbon Neutral Air Cushion film is made using more than 53% recycled content, most of which is collected post consumer plastic.

With the support of rainforest projects, we actively contribute all C02 from production and the raw materials.

The combination of this results in a 100% compensation of the C02 footprint of Pacplan® Carbon Neutral films.

Pacplan® Carbon Neutral Air Cushion film is suitable for use with all Pacplan®AirWaveTM air pillow machines from Southgate.

100% Pacplan® transport protection with 100% climate-neutral film.

Carbon Neutral Facts

>100 kg of polyethylene production represents about 220 kg of C02
>A 23 metre tree absorbs around 1 ton of C02For every ton of C02 produced we are planting 6-8 trees in Brazil
>Climate Partner tracks the C02 offset against projects


>Completely climate- and cost-neutral
>Ecological contribution to rainforest can be tracked by using QR code
>Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals [SDGS]
>Lightweight = lower freight costs
>Kinder to the ecosystem- 99% air x 1% material + regeneration of rainforest
>On-demand packing- no waste or bulky storage of void fill
>Pre-perforated for easy separation
>Cost-efficient operating costs- similar film generates up to 20 metres per minute [STC]
>No material residue or abrasion compared with other types of protective packaging


>Void Fill
>Content Stability
>Edge Protection
>Shock Absorption
>Interwoven Product Packaging