Tegrabond water activated tapes have already taken the carton sealing sector by storm. The tapes stronger performance, better environmental credentials and reduced cost per carton mean that they are an invaluable product.

The most popular Tegrabond dispenser by far is the BP555, which is now installed in major order fulfilment centres across the UK and Europe. However, its lesser-known stablemate the BP755 has hidden talents that cannot be ignored.

Most importantly, the BP755 is the only dispenser capable of taking wider 100mm tapes. It also dispenses tape to greater pre-set lengths. These two factors mean it is the dispenser of choice for manufacturers and shippers of larger products.

The BP755 s also driven by a belt feed rather than chain feed, so it is considerably quieter in operation. Dual water brushes ensure total and even wetting of the starch-based adhesive and heavy duty dual shear blades make it compatible with reinforced as well as plain Tegrabond tapes.

In spite of its increased tape capacity The BP755 is still a compact, bench-mounted unit. It requires only 240V electrical supply and a high-capacity enclosed water reservoir cuts downtime to ensure maximised productivity.

  • Compatible with 25-100mm wide plain and reinforced Tegrabond tape
  • Low profile design for pack station placement flexibility
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Colour coded keys pre-set for popular tape lengths from 152-1905mm
  • Random tape length dispensing up to 3050mm
  • Maximum tape length 183mtr
  • Maximum roll diameter 190mm
  • Dispensing speed 810mm per second
  • Integral 1.9 litre reservoir and wetting system evenly activates the adhesive across the whole tape width
  • Meets or exceeds UL CE and CSA safety standards
  • RoHS compliant
  • Power supply 220V 50Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 533 x 267 x 241mm
  • Shipping weight 19.05kg
  • Tape not included