Sustainable Void Fill from SCS Packaging


However much we try to use the correct size box, the packaging sector will always need void-fill to keep products safe in transit. In the past, this would include polystyrene foam peanuts and plastic bubble wrap, both incredibly hard to recycle, usually heading to landfills where they take centuries to degrade.

Styrofoam and foam wrap are made of polystyrene which is recycling category 6 and incredibly hard to recycle. Whilst Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) such as styrofoam is 100% recyclable, few councils can accept it for recycling.
If you want to contribute towards a more Circular Economy by involving the three R’s; Re-use Recycle and Reduce – each of our sustainable void fill products deliver at least one of these requirements.

Air pillows
Air pillows are one of the most popular uses of void fill. Using less plastic material and covering a larger surface area means that it is one of the most sustainable void fill alternatives. A recent study found that 5 fully loaded artic lorries are required to transport the equivalent loose-fill compared to just 1 pallet of the Pacplan Nano Film. Reducing not only the amount of waste produced but also the carbon emissions caused by freight transport.

Shredded cardboard
By reusing your cardboard waste you are decreasing both the chemical and logistical impact of shipping extra material in. So by utilising a cardboard shredder, you will have the capacity to re-use your cardboard waste as void fill, eradicating the expense of purchasing void fill materials and reducing the expense of waste disposal.

Kraft Paper
Kraft paper has superior strength compared to other paper alternatives. Using less lignin and a high sulphur ratio, the processes behind creating kraft paper are more sustainable. The pulp does not require extensive bleaching, which is environmentally damaging and also decreases the paper’s integrity. Kraft paper is also fully recyclable.

SCS Packaging has a range of paper dispensers from the X-wrap for small businesses to the X-PAD and X-FILL for larger industrial packing.