Staplers…All you need to know

Stapling tools come in different variations to suit different purposes in the UK. Anvil staplers are the most widely used stapling tools, including the office stapler, which strikes against an anvil to crimp the staple legs together and back against whatever is being stapled. The reversible anvil prevents injury and damage, and a variation of this design, called the plier stapler, is handheld and squeezed together to apply the staple.

Pneumatic anvil staplers have an extended throat, allowing for staples to be placed a considerable distance from the edge of the packaging, and are used for stapling the lower edge of deep header display cards. The Stronghold® SP50-A staple gun is capable of stapling six inches in from the packaging edge, while the Stronghold® SHR31 heavy-duty plier stapler can also be used for sealing the flaps on small cartons.

Treadle staplers, such as the Stronghold® TRED27 and Stronghold® TRED27AIR, are floor-standing and used for stapling the bottom flaps of cartons before they are filled. The anvil is almost as deep as the stapler is high, giving plenty of room for large cartons to be stapled. The carton is partly erected and placed upside-down on the anvil so that the staples penetrate the carton from the outside. Carton staplers, such as the Stronghold® MAN27 and Stronghold® AIR27, incorporate a mechanism in the stapling head that crimps the staple legs from above, and are used for the top flaps of cartons.

Tackers, such as the Stronghold® SHR60, are used to fire staples at high velocity into solid materials such as wood, while hammer tackers, such as the Stronghold® SHR11, are used for speed and extended reach. Hammer tackers convert the kinetic energy of the hammer’s swing to embed the staple. It’s essential to choose the right stapling tool for the job to ensure efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing operator strain.

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