X-Fill Paper Void Filling System

Paper void fll is a fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to secure consignments within oversized cartons. Using patented new-generation technology, the X-FILL outperforms all comparable products.

  • Anti-jamming paper feed and “load and go” paperpacks almost eliminate downtime.
  • At 1.7 metres per second, it is up to 21% faster than the nearest equivalent machine on the market.
  • Its modular construction has been designed so that it can be assembled and ready to run in less than five minutes.
  • Mounted on a height-adjustable stand with lockable castors, its compact design and small footprint means it can be easily deployed to any location requiring instant, on-demand paper void fill.
  • Output is further increased by foot pedal operation and auto cutting, which cuts the paper stream to the required length rather than the operator having to tear it.

Download the flyer here (PDF)