Optimax® Robotic Pallet Wrapper

Stretch wrapping turntables are widely used for automated wrapping of palletized loads, but what if the consignment is too large or too heavy for a turntable? What if wrapping can’t be limited to a single location?

The Optimax RSW06 robotic pallet wrapper is the answer, simple tiller the controls guide the wrapper to the pallet, but after that, the wrapper takes over following the pallet perimeter, it performs a complete wrapping cycle without further operator assistance and only requires 1.15 meters clearance around the pallet to operate. The guide wheel can be set at pallet height for conventional loads or raised if the load overlaps the pallet.

Stretch film is rapidly and easily loaded onto the film carriage with minimal downtime and zero-error. A feed mechanism also prevents a loose film end from reentering the carriage and causing jams. As soon as the wrapping cycle has been selected, the loose end of the film is attached to the pallet and the start button is pressed to begin the cycle. The operator can choose to wrap from the pallet base to the top of the pallet and back to the base, or start at the base and finish at the top. Either mode and also pause mid-cycle to secure a protective top cover between the wrap layers.

The operator can also choose the number of extra wrap layers to be applied to the top, middle and the base of the pallet and the height of the middle wrap. Independent adjustments can also be made to the travel, film carriage up and film carriage down speeds. The RSW06 also features powered film pre-stretching to reduce film consumption with tool-free adjustment between two stretch ratio settings. As with all Optimax equipment, safety is paramount, and the RSW06 is equipped with a nudge bar to prevent injury or damage during use — the RSW 06 from Optimax optimum quality maximum reliability.