Kraft Padded Paper Mailing Bags

Kraft paper padded mailing bags are our most sustainable mailer yet, made from mixed recycled and virgin paper.

The kraft paper waffle padding provides extra strength for cushioning and protecting your products. The honeycomb structure of the padding not only cushions but also gives a protective spring back, ensuring maximum protection whilst eliminating the need for plastic packaging.

Kraft Paper Padded Bag

The outer paper is 110gsm kraft recycled paper, offering superior strength to regular paper mailers. The honeycomb padding is composed of 80gsm virgin kraft paper meaning that the bag is not only fully recyclable but also fully compostable.

Kraft paper is distinguished by its superior strength compared to other paper alternatives, additionally, the chemical processes behind creating kraft paper are also more sustainable as the pulp does not require extensive bleaching which is environmentally damaging.

The padded envelopes use a hotmelt adhesive for sealing. Hotmelt glue is a thermoplastic composed of a combination of polymers, waxes and resins which cure faster and release less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than liquid, solvent-based adhesives.