Green Packaging


Green Packaging is the use of packaging materials that are made from recycled content, recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable materials. Making a shift to more environmentally friendly packaging options can reduce your business’s environmental impact on the world and help you decrease your overall packaging costs.

This is the first in a series of blog article focussing on Green Packaging and how SCS Packaging can assist you in your attempts to incorporate sustainability in your business.

This month we are looking at Exterior Packaging.

Corrugated cardboard
A cardboard box is frequently used for packing larger merchandise or delicate items. Cardboard is ordinarily recyclable and is accepted across all local authorities for curbside collection. You actually need to check what else is on the cardboard. You should remove any plastic tape or pockets as this will contaminate the recycling process.

Padded mailers
Padded mailers are also unable to be recycled. Whilst many people try to remove the insular padding and recycle the paper and plastic padding separately, the adhesives used to bind these two materials are non-recyclable. As such the materials would contaminate the process. Many people choose to reuse the padded mail bags rather than dispose of them, they are often made of a strong and durable material so you will not compromise on the product protection.

Plastic film and bags
The latest studies show that 88% of the UK’s local councils do not accept polythene packaging for curbside pickup. Plastic packaging makes up a large amount of the packaging material from e-commerce companies. It is ideal for products that are lightweight and not fragile, such as clothes. The packaging takes up minimal space and maintains an airtight seal to products.

Although a large majority of councils do not offer a curbside recycling service for these materials, local plastic collection points do accept these materials. However, please check the packaging for further details as the recycling points do not accept all types of plastic. Check the recyclenow website to find out where your nearest collection point is and for advice on what plastic bags and film are eligible for recycling.

Some companies have developed recyclable alternatives and these products, which should be clearly labelled as recyclable.

Standard paper envelopes are recyclable, however if they contain a plastic window you will need to remove this. The paper envelopes are recyclable via council curbside collections.