Sustainable Options for Postal and Packaging

By admin | July 29, 2021

At SCS Packaging we have prioritised five key criteria: SustainableRecyclableReusableBiodegradableWaste reductive With the new Plastic Packaging Tax coming into effect from April 2021, it is now essential to consider sustainable alternatives to traditional postage and packaging materials. Green Tenzalopes™ guarantee an environmentally conscious solution with no compromise on quality. Biodegradable Packing List and  – DOCUMENTS…


Water Acivated Tapes

By admin | July 26, 2021

A significant volume of plastics used in packaging comes from carton sealing tapes. If the plastic tape is not removed from cartons when they are disposed of, another cost is added to the recycling process. The tape itself is not recyclable and goes straight to landfill. Even when removed from cartons before recycling, the tape…


New Alternative to Plastic Wrapping

By admin | June 28, 2021

X-Wrap is a sustainable alternative bubble wrap type material, designed for the packaging sensitive and fragile products. Its benefits include: Shock absorbency Protection for sharp-edged and pointed products It is absorbent for leak protection when transporting liquids Flexible to adapt to fill  to cavities in a box High recycling rates as made from paper Protection…


Summer Cake Decorations

By admin | May 28, 2021

At last, we appear to be seeing the beginning of summer, it’s true! In preparation for warmer weather, why don’t you look at these summer cake decorating ideas? So, if you like to decorate cakes during the summer, visit our trade counter to find everything you will need. From the basics – Sugar Paste, Cake…


Green Packaging

By admin | April 28, 2021

Green Packaging is the use of packaging materials that are made from recycled content, recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable materials. Making a shift to more environmentally friendly packaging options can reduce your business’s environmental impact on the world and help you decrease your overall packaging costs. This is the first in a series of blog article…