biocompostable pillow film

Pacplan® Biofilm household-biodegradable air pillow films are made from peelings and other waste by-products of the potato processing industry.

Pacplan® Biofilm biocompostable films rapidly disintegrate in domestic compost heaps, with no negative effects on compost quality.

Biofilm complies with EN 13432, which stipulates

  • a minimum of 90% biological degradation within 6 months
  • a minimum of 90% physical degradation within 12 weeks (must pass through 2 x 2mm mesh)
  • no decline of composted material quality

(established via ecotoxicity tests)

Biofilm is fully compatible with the Pacplan AirWave dispenser:

  • Produces pillows and quilts from the same machine
  • Programmable one-key technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful performance
  • Power saving mode
  • Lock function
  • CE and RoHS approved
  • Bluetooth connectivity (optional)

Download the flyer here (PDF)